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Greenstyle Creations Free Zipper Pouch Pattern

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I downloaded several free patterns to try out different pattern designers. The first pattern I chose to try (read: the easiest) was the free zipper pouch pattern from Greenstyle Creations.

I used some cotton ribbon fabric my mom gave me (also used on the linen apron - a gift that keeps on giving!) for the exterior and some thrifted fabric for the interior. It came together quickly and easily, and I really really really liked the flat-bottom style of the pouch. The first zipper pouches I made are great for putting things (perfect size for storing my Kindle!) but I prefer the box bottom style. I feel like it's easier to find things and see them in the bag.

I've cut fabric for making more sizes, but I started with the large size. It's perfect for toting around my pens, pencil, headphones.

And now I'm excited to try the other Greenstyle Patterns I downloaded! The rest are all athletic-wear, which is VERY daunting, but also something …

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